Why isn't Tuition Pro-Rated in December or June?

Tuition is based on the number of classes held throughout the school-year. Some months have 5 weeks; some months have 3 weeks. Rather than asking for a variable amount each month we add up all the classes and take the average for the number of months we are in session.

Why Does my Class have Pre-Reqs?

When dancers progress to level II they must train in the disciplines that contribute to what may be their favorite class. For example, they may have previously taken a level I lyrical class but once they are in level II they must also take ballet, as ballet technique and terminology are vital componants to performing lyrical movemnet. If dancers and parents would prefer not to take multiple classes per week we offer combo classes for all ages that are equivalent to a level I class. 

Why are Recital Tickets $24?

Most studios require dance families to pay a recital fee of up to $100 which forces the purchase of tickets and a DVD regardless of want or need. We prefer to be up front and fully transparent with our families about the cost of each item, which is why we separate the cost of costumes, tickets, and DVDs. This way families may decide what they'd like to spend their money on.
This year we're offering the first four recital tickets at a reduced rate of $20 during the month of May. 
As far as where the money from the tickets go, this gets into the minutia of the cost of business. Facility rental, sound crew, lighting techs, theater manager, stage director, backstage manager, janitorial services, ASCAP, liability insurance, printing, plus paying the instructors and admins to be present... It takes quite a village to put on a successful and safe production involving over 400 children. We would be more than happy to loan you a complimentary copy of last year's DVD so you can see for yourself why all this hard work is so worth it! 

Is There a Recital Fee?

There is no recital fee! We are up front with our fees and charge specifically for every item. See the Tuition Rates page for specifics.

How do I Enroll my Student?

There are many ways to register! Click 'Register Now' at the bottom of the page. OR you can call the Lake Stevens or Snohomish studio. OR you can email the Lake Stevens or Snohomish studio. OR you can stop by!