Class Schedule

Image result for sun clip artEnrollment is now CLOSED for our 2016-2017 School-Year Session. 

Registration for our 2017 Summer Session opens May 1st. You can find our 2017 Summer Schedule below.

Summer Session is a six-week curriculum, July 10th – August 18th. Registration fee and 50% of tuition are due by June 7th to hold your child’s place in class and to ensure you will receive notification if the schedule changes. The remaining tuition is due on the first day of class.

PIF by June 1st and we will waive your $30 summer registration fee!

Dress Code enforced. Prerequisites and placement required for level II and higher.

 How to Read Our Summer Class Schedule: 

Is your dancer just starting out? Great! Look for the age range in the brackets. For example, if your child is seven and interested in Hip Hop you will see a class on Fridays at our Snohomish location – 3:00 Hip Hop I (7-9)60 IH. The superscript notes the length of the class, and the initials note the instructor. This level-one Hip Hop class is at 3:00, for ages seven to nine, for 60 minutes, taught by Ian Howe.

Classes that have multiple dance genres in the title are combo classes. That means both genres will be taught during the class. For example, on Thursdays at our Lake Stevens location you will see that Lindsay Johns teaches a Jazz/Hip Hop class for three and four year olds – 4:15 Jazz/Hip Hop (3-4)45 LJ. This means that Jazz will be taught for the first half followed by Hip Hop. Combo classes, unless otherwise noted, are all level one classes.

Do you have an experienced dancer? Fantastic! The roman numerals after the class title notes the level. All dancers who wish to participate in a Level II, III, or IV/V class must be assessed before enrolling. If you’ve been with us before you can simply ask the instructor. If you are new to PacWest we recommend speaking to an administrative assistant to find a Level I or II class for your child to be assessed. It’s always better to be moved up rather than down. Keep in mind that dancers tend to spend multiple years mastering each level.

When you find the class you’re interested in be sure to look at the classes listed in the other rooms. There might be a dance style offered for the same age and level right before or after your class. Give it a try! 

Snohomish Summer Schedule 2017

(Updated 4/3/2017)

Mondays – Lovetta Downes, Jamie Rood, Will Wiersma

Studio 1                                   Studio 2                                       Studio 3

3:15 Private Lesson45 LD                3:15 Private Lesson45 JR                             

4:00 Acro/Jazz (7-9)60 LD              4:00 Ballet Conditioning IV/V60 JR       4:00 Studio Available

5:00 Acro B60 LD                           5:00 Ballet I (5-7)60 JR                       5:00 Hip Hop I (7-9)60 WW

6:00 Jazz III60 LD                          6:00 Ballet I (7-9)60 JR                        6:00 Hip Hop I/II (9-12)60 WW

7:00 Jazz IV/V60 LD                       7:00 Ballet Conditioning III60 JR           7:00 Teen Hip Hop I/II (12+)60 WW

8:00 Acro C60 LD                           8:00 Teen Lyrical I/II (12+)60 JR

Tuesdays – Danielle Golden, Kelly Charlton, Lindsay Johns, Jamie Rood

Studio 1                                      Studio 2                                              Studio 3

3:00 Studio Available                        3:00 Studio Available                                 3:00 Private Lesson45 JR

4:00 Studio Available                        3:30 Private Lesson45 KPC                          3:45 Tiny Twos30 JR

4:30 Tiny Tumblers (3-4)45 DG          4:15 Jazz II (7-9)60 KPC                            4:15 Ballet/Jazz (5-7)60 JR

5:15 Acro A (5-7)60 DG                     5:15 Ballet/Jazz I (7-9)60 KPC                      5:15 Ballet II (7-9)60 JR

6:15 Acro A (7-9)60 DG                     6:15 Ballet/Jazz I (9-12)60 KPC                    6:15 Ballet II (9-12)60 JR

7:15 Acro A (9-12)60 DG                    

8:15 Teen Acro A (12+)45 DG       

Wednesdays – Kelly Charlton, Horace Price, Kelly Colegrove, Kim Barth

Studio 1                                       Studio 2                                        Studio 3

2:00-5:00 Private Lessons45 KPC (4)   4:15 Private Lesson45 KCo                      4:00 Ballet/Tap (3-4)45 KB

5:00 Hip Hop II (9-12)60 HP                5:00 Rhythm Tap IV/V60 KCo                  4:45 Ballet/Tap/Jazz (5-7)75 KB

6:00 Hip Hop IV/V60 HP                      6:00 Rhythm Tap II (9-12)60 KCo            6:00 Broadway Tap I (9-12)60 KB

7:00 Private Lesson45 HP                     7:00 Rhythm Tap III60 KCo                    7:00 Private Lesson45 KB            

7:45 Private Lesson45 HP                     8:00 Private Lesson45 KCo                     7:45 Private Lesson45 KB

 Thursdays – Danielle Golden, Kim Barth, and Ciara Cleary

Studio 1                                      Studio 2                                         Studio 3

4:00 Acro A (7-9)60 DG                       4:00 Studio Available                           4:00 Studio Available

5:00 Turns/Leaps III/IV/V45 DG         5:00 Broadway Tap I (7-9)60 KB             5:00 Irish Soft/Hardshoe II/III60 CC

6:00* Lyrical IV/V60 DG                     6:00 Broadway Tap II/III60 KB                6:00 Irish Soft/Hardshoe I (7-9)60 CC

7:00 Lyrical III60 DG                          7:00 Broadway Tap IV/V60 KB                                

8:00 Acro A (9-12)60 DG                    *15 minute break from 5:45-6:00                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Fridays – Lovetta Downes and Ian Howe

Studio 1                                    Studio 2                                               Studio 3

3:00 Acro/Hip Hop  60 LD            3:00 Hip Hop I  (7-9)60 IH                           3:00-7:00 Studio Available

4:00 Private Lessons45 LD (4)            4:00 Private Lessons45 IH (4)                                                                                                                                                                                                

Lake Stevens Summer Schedule 2017

(Updated 4/3/2017)

 Mondays – Kelly Charlton, Horace Price, and Jen Blair

Studio I                                          Studio II

3:00 Studio Available                            3:30 Tiny Twos30 JB

4:00 Jazz I (7-9)60 KPC                         4:00 Ballet/Tap (3-4)45 JB

5:00 Jazz I (5-7)45 KPC                         4:45 Ballet/Tap/Jazz (5-7)75 JB

5:45 Hip Hop II (9-12)60 HP                   6:00 Ballet/Jazz/Hip Hop (5-7)75 JB

6:45 Teen Hip Hop II (12+)60 HP                    

 Tuesdays – Ian Howe and Ben Dominick

Studio I                                             Studio II

3:30 Contemporary I/II (9-12)60 IH             3:15 Private Lesson45 LJ

4:30 Contemporary III60 IH                        4:00 Pointe/PrePointe60 LJ (Dr’s approval req)

5:30 Contemp Improv III45 IH                     5:00 Ballet IV/V75 LJ

6:30* Contemporary IV/V60 IH                    6:30* Ballet III75 LJ

7:30 Contemp Improv IV/V45 IH                  7:45 Teen Ballet II (12+)75 LJ

8:15 Private Lesson45 IH                           *15 minute break from 6:15-6:30

 Wednesdays – Lovetta Downes and Graham Vanderwood

Studio I                                               Studio II

3:30 Private Lesson45 LD                            4:00 Studio Available

4:15 Acro A (7-9)60 LD                               4:15 Hip Hop I (5-7)60 GV

5:15 Acro A (5-7)60 LD                               5:15 Hip Hop I (7-9)60 GV

6:15 Jazz II (9-12)60 LD                             6:15 Hip Hop I (9-12)60 GV

7:15 Acro A (9-12)60 LD                             7:15 Rhythm Tap I (9-12)60 GV

8:15 Turns/Leaps I (9-12)45 LD

 Thursdays – Kelly Charlton and Lindsay Johns

Studio I                                          Studio II

3:00-5:15 Private Lessons45 KPC (3)       4:15 Jazz/Hip Hop (3-4)45 LJ                                   

5:15 Studio Available                               5:00 Ballet I (7-9)60 LJ

                                                              6:00 Ballet/Jazz/Hip Hop (5-7)75 LJ

                                                              7:15 Ballet/Lyrical I (9-12)60 LJ