PacWest Dress Code

Proper attire aids in execution of movement as well as injury prevention. This is true of any physical activity or sport, as it is true of dance. 


Ballet students must wear pink tights, pink ballet slippers (canvas or leather), a black leotard, and a black ballet skirt. Legwarmers and other warm ups are permitted for the beginning of barre. Hair must be up and secured in a bun. Absolutely no bangs. Absolutely no jewelry. Skirts are not worn during Pointe. 

Jazz, Modern, Lyrical

Jazz pants, leotards, tights, and/or dance shorts with fitted tank tops. The occasional baggy-sweats-day is permitted, and understood. Hair must be pulled back, preferably in a low ponytail or bun. (Eye-level ponytails will be painful during turns!) Earrings are permitted, but keep within reason. Bare feet for Modern. Foot Thongs, Foot Undeez or Paws for Jazz and Lyrical. Jazz shoes should be Caramel. Jazz transition tights should be Light Suntan. 

Hip Hop, Tap

Be yourself! But make sure your outfit allows for the required movements. No tight jeans. No super-long pants. Earrings are permitted, but keep within reason. Hair must be back to tap, but can be down for hip hop. Clean tennis shoes for hip hop. This means that shoes that have NOT been worn outside. Tap requires any quality Oxford Shoe in black is fine.  


Fitted capri pants and a leotard are ideal. Baggy clothing not only makes tumbling difficult, it could be dangerous. Hair must be back. Bare feet. 

Ballet/Tap Combo Classes, ages 3-4 & 5-7

Pink ballet shoes, pink tights, a black leotard with an attached or wrap black skirt, black patent leather tap shoes. A wrap ballet sweater is also okay, and recommended for Fall and Winter. Have your child bring their tap shoes in a dance bag, and you will be able to help put them on when it is time during class. Hair that is long enough to be in a ponytail should be back. Please put your child's name in all clothing and especially shoes. 

Jazz/Hip Hop Combo Classes, ages 3-4 & 5-7

Foot less tights, Foot Undeez or Pink Ballet Slippers, shorts over tights or cropped sweats. Leotard or tank top. Clean tennis shoes for Hip Hop. 

Boys Ballet

White T-Shirt, Black Shorts, Thin White Socks, Black Ballet Shoes or Black Jazz Shoes