Ciara Cleary

Irish/Administrative Assistant

Ciara Cleary has been dancing for all her life. She has danced at studios all over the Seattle area, under a wide variety of teachers and disciplines. Notably, she has studied Irish dance under TCRG certified teacher Robert Haley and was on a performance team under him for several years. In addition, she has danced with companies such as Katy Hagelin Dance Project, Anderlin Arts, and Reflections School of Dance's Emerge Dance Company.  She grew up watching classic Irish shows like Riverdance, and fell in love with the way the dancers combined both grace and power in their movements.  Irish is a unique dance style that brings with it cultural appreciation, music appreciation, and plenty of fun.
She is really excited  to be working at PacWest, both as an Administrative Assistant, and as an Irish Dance teacher. 
When she's not here in the studio, Ciara can be found taking classes at Everett Community College, where she is finishing her Associates Degree, training at CrossFit Lake Stevens, or happily bingeing on Netflix. She hopes to double major in Philosophy and Psychology at UW.


5 Questions with Ciara

1. How long have you been teaching here?

I'm new at PacWest this year.

2.What made you want to be a teacher?

I love dance.  I love the release that it gives, the joy of being able to express yourself through movement.  I teach because  I want to spread that rush of excitment to my students.   I want to share all the lessons that dance has taught me with them- not just technique, but life lessons too!  You can learn so much about your self and just how much you are capable of through dance class.

3. What are you teaching philosophies?

I want to bring both the joy and discipline of dance to kids.  My teaching philosophy is based around the idea that the more forgiveness you give yourself, the better dancer you will become.  I want class to be a place where students can come in and leave everyday life behind.  I believe in leaving it all at the door, commiting to your class, and working as hard as you can.  Dance class should be a place where everyone feels empowered to work their hardest, love themselves wherever they're at, and always just keep moving forward.


 4. What kind of music do you listen to when not teaching?

Anything alternative or indie!  I'm constantly listening to music.  As I'm sure is the case for any dancer; we get so used to matching our lives to the beat of a song.  Music definitely helps me focus and feel better.

5. What non-dancing hobbies do you have?

I love to get out in the woods and hike/backpack anytime I can.  Any kind of spontaneous adventure with my friends is my absolute favourite place to be!