Kim Barth

Tiny Twos, Ballet, Tap, Jazz


Kim grew up locally in Woodinville, and started dancing at age 4.  She studied tap, ballet, jazz, and lyrical. 

From ages 10-18 she competed in Northwest dance competitions and conventions like “I Love Dance” and “Dance Magic,” as well as trained under the direction of accomplished tappers like Al Gilbert.  She has been a member of “The Moving Dance Company” at Bellevue College; participated in Western Washington University Theater productions; and has taught and assisted dance instruction at both WWU and Washington State University. 

Kim now has over 8 years of teaching dance locally.  She instructs both children and adults in tap, ballet, jazz, and musical theater.  Kim currently has several dancers actively involved in productions at the 5th Avenue Theater and Village Theater.  She contributes a total of 29 years dance experience. 

Kim holds a Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management and graduated Summa Cum Laude. 

Kim is also a wife, mother of two wonderful children, and enjoys spending time with her family camping, gardening, playing sports and during the day works as a Para Educator.


5 Questions with Kim

1. How long have you been teaching? 

I have been teaching tap, ballet, jazz and musical theater for 8 years

2. What made you want to be a teacher? 

Honestly, I saw a need for those children that found Art challenging – I felt that I might be able to reach them and translate it into their own language.  When you feel a beat of a song, some children bloom and others struggle with it – I enjoy seeing a child come out of their shell, smiling and succeeding!  Dance can build your confidence and it lets people express themselves in so many ways; I truly wanted to teach others so they can feel and enjoy dance as much as I do.  It makes me happy to see others happy!

3. What are your teaching philosophies? 

Slow everything down, succeed, and keep increasing your speed – until each child has a smile on their face and they have it!

4. What kind of music do you listen to when not teaching? 

Everything from today’s current hits to the 40’s Big Band Hits.  My favorite musician currently is Bruno Mars.

5. What non-dancing hobbies do you have?

Camping, walking/hiking, gardening, playing sports and video games!