Weather, Lice, Injury and Bullying Policies


If a dancer feels s/he is being bullied s/he needs to respond immediately. We understand that verbalizing one's feelings can be a scary step, especially when directed at the bully, but we encourage enpowerment. Practice saying the following statements so they are at the ready when needed:

"That hurts my feelings." 

"You're bullying me."

If the issue is not resolved, a teacher or administrative assistant needs to be notified. Again, we know this can be a scary step. Many situations between kids can be seen as bullying from one perspective and is harmless teasing from another. This miscommunication can be cleared up if we allow the kids to take the first step. If after this step the situation has not improved then we truly have an incident that warrants direct involvement. The Director will contact the families, and the Director's decision will be final.

Let's avoid this situation altogether by monitoring our kids' social media use, communicating with them about the dangers of social media, and empowering them with the tools needed to be confident young adults.

If you have any concerns please contact Kelly directly:


Injuries that occur outside the studio must be brought to the attention of the instructor, even if minor. Examples: a fall that gashed a knee, a booster shot that makes it tough to move the arm, etc. A child's effort and intensity should be a bit less for a minor injury and the teacher's guidance is neccessary in determining what movement is to be avoided. A more major injury needs to be brought to the attention of not only the instructor but the administrative assistant, and needs a doctor's note to clear the child's return to dance. This includes ankle issues, broken bones, etc. Anything that prevents a child from participating requires a doctor's note to return to activity. This not only protects your child from reinjury, but it protects us.

Injuries that occur at PacWest follow strict protocol. The parent or guardian is immediatly contacted via phone, so please be certain your contact information is up to date. PacWest staff will take action based on the level of injury and the parent's consent. The instructor will work with the administrative assistant to fill out an incident report so the timeline of the injury is documented. The Director is also immediately notified. Dance is a sport and injuries do occur, but our instructors and staff do our very best to minimize injury through proper instruction and education.

If you have any concerns please contact Kelly directly:


PacWest follows a strict no nit policy. Due to the active nature of dance we do not allow children to return while undergoing treatment. Please keep your child home from dance until the hair can be combed through free of lice and nits. 


When the Lake Stevens or Snohomish School Districts have an altered schedule due to weather it is best to check our outgoing phone message, check this website's front page, or check our Facebook page. Often times the schools will close but the ice or snow will have melted by the time our classes begin. We will do our very best to keep you updated. Of course, not everyone lives near the main roads so regardless of our decision do what is best and safest for your family.